Review of Kyle Coma-Thompson’s NIGHT IN THE SUN

Kyle Coma-Thompson. Dock Street Press, $16.95 paperback (229p) ISBN: 9780991065776

Coma-Thompson creates hauntingly unsettling/beautiful realities in this exceptional follow-up to his debut collection The Lucky Body. The timely and terrifying “Idaho” touches upon an indiscriminate shooting of Senegalese merchants. “Master and Man” builds meticulously and spans years in a wonder of literary invention in which a guru rises to great power and a Frenchman requires unusual visual aids to reach sexual climax. In the sweet and nearly eerie “Collectors”, two people share stories in a bar and learn each has a distinct penchant for the property of others. “Europe Redux” offers a short though powerful glimpse into a future where time travel exists as commercial industry. Not every story in this collection was mind-blowing to this reader, yet each was interesting and original. A particular standout was “Odin’s Daughters”, where we’re immediately met by a dead gunslinger who breathes through his bullet holes. Another was “Andrej Lives”, which comes in the form of a lengthy note to a friend who reached out for help detailing why they shouldn't commit suicide. Coma-Thompson commands a unique and exquisite voice, and proves yet again that when it comes to short-story writing he can do anything. (July 2016)

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