Review of Chris Vola's MONKEYTOWN

Chris Vola. SAM Publishing, $12.99 trade paperback (364p) ISBN: 9780615719641

This is a zeitgeist novel. A sign of the times. Like what Bret Easton Ellis did with Less Than Zero. Vola dives fist-first into a nihilistic, jobless, privileged, and drug addled world that feels veiled just enough to be called fiction. Not that this book reads like a memoir, but the detailed drug use is so casual and normal for the narrator that the reader feels initiated after only a few pages.

The narrator is mostly coherent even after several beers, liquor, and whatever pills. It’s a voice that doesn't give much of a fuck. Because of this, we're given passages such as: “New pussy, old pussy, pussy lost, pussy found, pussy long forgotten. For a second I think about checking my BlackBerry.”
We follow Josh, the sole inheritor of a large sum of money after the death of his parents. “I had plenty [of money], enough for years, forty acres and a fully loaded, 420 horsepower mule.” Josh has almost no direction and little ambition, with the exception of half-heartedly wanting to figure out his relationship with his sorta girlfriend Lauren and doing drugs / drinking with his close friend Billy.
Things are happening but the tonality is so heartless I had a hard time caring. There's a lot of “shock value” here but I never felt shocked.
Why is this a zeitgeist novel? Because of the following: There's an abundance of driving around (think: Dazed and Confused). There's an abundance of reading text-messages, casual abuse of Xanax, GOOGLEing stuff, pop-culture references (Dr. Phil, Ice-T, Jack Bauer, etc.). Casual vomiting. Casual brushes with death. Violence that reminded me of A Clockwork Orange simply because it was so passive.  
Vola has his ear to the street. He's tapped into his generation here. Whatever he does next, watch out. (November 2012)

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Reviewer bio: Ben Spivey is the author of the novella Black God. He currently has 9 foster kittens.