J. Bradley. Safety Third Enterprises, SOLD OUT, chapbook 

I read J. Bradley’s The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You Is a Robot in the bathroom. I do a lot of my reading in the bathroom. It’s quiet there. No one can bother me. And I didn’t want to be bothered while reading this book. In fact, I don’t want to be bothered when I’m reading any book. It’s like being killed while in the Matrix. Not cool.

As I locked the door and took up my favorite seat, I didn’t quite know what to expect from the book. Truth be told, I hadn’t read much of J. Bradley, despite his massive visibility out in e-land. The dude is everywhere, doing everything. Always a good sign. It shows he’s a team player. Hard worker. I liked him already.

And what I also liked was that he was helping to lead the charge of Safety Third Enterprises, the brainchild of Captain Awesometown, a.k.a. Matt DeBenedictis. Now, I know Matt and I’m a fan of his writing, so maybe I had a bit of an idea of what to expect, given Matt’s taste. What I couldn’t have guessed was that I’d stagger off the toilet with two black eyes and a crazy need to find my childhood teddy bear.

The short fictions that comprise this chapbook hit hard. Very hard. J. Bradley pulls you in with a disarming voice and proceeds to pepper your mind with sharp, cutting images that’ll make your jaw drop. There is no pussy-footing, no romance, simply one man’s searing portrayal of sex, excess, and relationships gone awry. In tight bursts, Bradley effectively represents the twisted layers of our souls with bravado.

From Cloak & Dagger:

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you’re gonna have Down’s Syndrome,” Mary’s husband said as the headboard teethed the wall.

And from Primer:

“It didn’t take long for Paul to make my wedding band into a bullet. He handed me the round and an unloaded .38 Special.”

Granted, this may not be the best collection for those with delicate sensibilities, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s for those who scoff at the world through the bottom of a whiskey glass, role-play dressed as Abraham Lincoln, and snort sugar through a straw.

So, if you’re reading this, this book is probably for you, you drunken Abe snorter. Go get it.
And keep your eyes open for future titles from Safety Third Enterprises. I know I will. And I will read them, and be abused by them, on my favorite seat. (2010)

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