Review of David Peak's MUSEUM OF FUCKED

David Peak. Warm Milk Printing Press, SOLD OUT, chapbook

14 shorts comprise this chapbook, 14 shorts that pull no punches and lay it plain. Peak guides us through streets, alleys, train compartments, and dilapidated buildings occupied by dilapidated souls. He shows us scars and poverty and insanity, often pulling us aside to offer hard insights like “no living creatures were ever meant to be too comfortable.” (Chicago Arcadia)

What I enjoyed most about this collection was the fact that the words got out of their own way with seeming ease, leaving the stories bare and unburdened like clear, moving pictures.

No one said anything. The kids dropped their faces to the ground and shuffled out the alley. The man watched them go. The bat was limp in his hand, resting against his leg.” (Martin)

This is pure and simple language, folks, done extremely well. Despite the bleak subject matter I’d even say I was refreshed after reading this.

My only gripe about Peak’s Museum of Fucked is that it was over way too soon. (2009)

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